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Read this full essay on if i were a president. Jhon Rolyn C. MandalaIV- AB PhilosophyIf I were a presidentToday, we live in a world of great changes bring us. Jan 25, 2014. If I were President of the United States the current President or a newly elected one I would immediately convene in the White House a meeting of respected and imaginative representatives of both labor and management from a wide segment of the marketplace, our most gifted economists, faculty. If I Were President Essay if i were president essay Pretending you are the president is a satisfying imaginative exercise. Thinking of all the rights you would wrong, justices you would bring and people you would save.Instantly Proofread Your Texts And Correct Grammar Style Now!Writing prompt If I Were the President (essay topic) Write a page on what youd do if you were the President. WHAT WOULD I DO IF I WERE PRESIDENT?. I hope Barack Obama gets this essay. By Yulisa R.,. If I were President of the United States my major concern would

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Aug 5, 2012. I am about to put myself into the shoes of Mohamed Morsy, our new president, if just for the purpose of this article. As president, I have been in power for one month, and the nation is waiting for me to fulfil the promises I made for the first 100 days of my presidency. So today I shall present this plan to the. Aug 22, 2011. In the ArtsBeat blog post If I Were President, Jesse Kornbluth asks two professors, three writers, an entrepreneur, a medical doctor, a prioress, a youth advocate, a painter, an astrophysicist and an inventor share what they would do if elected to the Oval Office. Excerpts from their statements include. Essay If I Were President Essay Research Paper. If I were president as a teenager of course, my changes would benefit my age group. Shorter school days and air conditioning in all the schools should be mandatory.

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